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Roasting coffee has changed in the past 30 years at Caddies Coffee and Tea

When Bill Sheaffe started roasting coffee in 1985 he was fortunate to find as a mentor a retired roaster, George, who had a 50 year career as a coffee roaster in Sydney. Bill spent some time with George, learning from him before he purchased a roaster in Lismore. This was a small drum roaster manufactured in Europe in the late 1940s and was the most common method of roasting coffee at that time, and still is today. This roaster (seen at left with a young Bill) was located in the retail shop in Carrington Street, Lismore, a concept unusual in 1985. It was only capable of roasting 5 kg batches and by 1990 no longer met the demands of our customers. Mind you, it still has a place in the retail shop as part of Caddies' history, and where customers can find their local free newspapers.

We replaced the old roaster with a new roaster that employs an improved roasting technique known as 'fluidised bed roasting'. This roaster is capable of roasting more than 2000 kgs per week. Coffees from this new roaster tend to be more fruity with balanced acidity and a consistent, even roast.

The role of a coffee roaster is the same as that of a vigneron. Whilst anyone can be taught to roast coffee, the success of Caddies' coffees is the result of Bill's passion for, and understanding of, the differences between beans from different origins and different roasting requirements that is fundamental to great coffee - it's Bill's experience and commitment that truly make the difference.

One of the things Bill has observed with coffee in the past 30 years is that growers are better informed now with greater concern for the environment, a recognition of cultural and social practices and values (e.g. Fairtrade and organic), greater use of newer technologies (e.g. colour and laser sorting) and some producers of high quality coffees shipping their beans in poly-lined sacks. All of these features result in a better cup of coffee for coffee lovers.

caddies  002-ZF-2947-60775-1-001Caddies Coffee & Tea has been roasting and selling coffee since 1985. It has built its blends and origins from a close relationship with customers in the Lismore store and has grown and developed by closely following worldwide trends in specialty coffee. It supplies consistent, rich and always fresh (not ware-housed) coffee.

Caddies Coffee & Tea obtains beans from Central and South America, South-East Asia, PNG, Timor Leste and East Africa as well as the Northern Rivers of NSW, selecting the finest quality beans and roasting them either as single origins such as Ethiopian Harrar, Costa Rica 'Tarruzu' and Colombian Supremo or as blends such as its signature Supreme, Rainforest, Mocha Java and more.

Caddies Coffee & Tea has been an early adopter of new technologies in roasting and packaging, and its small-batch roasting means it can react quickly to changes in the coffee industry and customer preference e.g. Fairtrade, organic and single estates. Its blends and origins will suit Espresso, pourovers, syphons, plungers and Turkish brewing choices.

Caddies Coffee & Tea provides a great choice in different looseleaf teas such as Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, Keemun, Yunnan and Oolong in traditional black teas, and a selection of Chinese green, white and artisan teas and an ever-growing choice of flavoured black and green teas from French Earl Grey, Copenhagen, Orange Blossom, and many more.

All Caddies Coffee & Tea coffees and teas can be bought online so just click on Coffee or Tea and follow the prompts to find out more about each one. And as Caddies Coffee & Tea has low overheads, its coffee and tea is realistically priced.

Caddies Coffee & Tea knows many people can't drink, or have concerns about, caffeine, yet believes they should be able to enjoy beverages of great quality and taste. Caddies Coffee & Tea roasts Café Femenino Organic beans using the SWISS WATER® Process. This is a 100% chemical free decaffeination process that results in a great-tasting, full-bodied flavour with 99.9% of the caffeine removed.

Caddies Coffee & Tea also offers green and white loose leaf teas, which are less processed than traditional black tea, and we have a wide range of Rooibos leaf for those who prefer a fruitier experience.

Caddies Coffee & Tea  has a small team with a strong focus on the personal.  Callers will never get an automated message saying to ‘push 1 ... or 2  ...’. Unless it’s out of business hours (9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am till 12.30 pm Saturday), or unless the phone is busy, Ros, Nikki, Bill or Vicki will generally be at the other end of the phone. Bill usually roasts and sends out orders on Monday and Thursday .... but can get an order out immediately if necessary at no extra cost. As a small business, all our customers are important to Caddies Coffee & Tea.

Caddies Coffee & Tea does bang on about this, but it has a total commitment to quality, buying only what it believes is the best coffee available at the time. This is also the case with itsFairtrade coffee, auspiced by Oxfam, which is produced by growers who really care, and meets internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. In the interests of fairness to our customers as well as growers, the only additional charge for Fairtrade coffee from Caddies Coffee & Tea is the fee we pay to Fairtrade Australia. There should not be an ‘additional’ premium for Fairtrade coffee.

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